Friday, May 24, 2013

When Was Your Last First?

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

I read this question last night and it totally stumped me… the last time I did something for the first time was…. Scratch head… um… I can’t tell you. I live in a bit of a boring world of routine. You can pretty much set your watch (do people still wear watches?) to what I’m doing and when. I consider it reliable, grounded and expected. Routine, that’s what adults do. We are responsible and predictable and… oh my gosh I’m so boring. When did I trade in fun and exciting for boring and repetitive?

I love the people in my life. I’m dating an amazing man who has a fantastic daughter, I have wonderful friends and a little boy that amazes me every single day. Life is good, but I’m in a bit of a rut. I’ve become an old fuddy duddy. You may as well heat up a TV dinner, serve it to me on a TV tray, sit me in front of Wheel of Fortune and then push me off to bed before the clock strikes 7. I’m 29 going on 90.

It’s time for some revamp… the question is, when is the last time you did something for the first time?

The answer… NOW! Boring is just so… well… boring
BOOM!! My first, first completed. I have officially registered for my FIRST 5k! Insert an excited yet mildly panicked face here.  I will be running on August 25 in the Head forthe Cure 5k. It’s a really great cause. My father died of brain cancer and I can’t think of a better way to honor him and get my first run under my belt. Now that it’s official I have to lace up those running shoes and do this thing. I have the widest grin spread across my face, this girl is energized y’all!

How many more firsts can I squeeze into a day, a week, a month? Heck how many more firsts can I have in the next hour? You know that feeling when you heart rate picks up, you’re all smiles and you can sit still you are so giddy? That’s where I am right now. So I encourage you all to do the same thing, squeeze as many firsts and exciting things into every moment as you can. We can do the boring ole big kid stuff while having a total blast. Growing up doesn’t mean giving up our ability to have fun while doing it.

Now in honor of a first I would like to introduce you to heaven in yogurtland.

Note how it says, finest yogurt, oh it’s no lying at all! Heaven, pure fluffy cloud heaven. AMAZING! I’ve only been able to find it in Target here in my area, but it’s 100% worth looking for.

The comments section below, tell me about your firsts or excitement? Let’s share in the fun side of life! 

Current in progress goals and habits.


NEW NEW NEW: THP (The Happypaloose Project) Working Habit: Don’t allow the little things to ding the ole feelings. Laughing and smiling burns way more calories that alternative. DAY SUCCESSFUL!!  Going on a 3 1/2 hour drive with the kiddos tonight, wish me luck! 

THP (The Happypaloose Project) Working Habit: Speak in a voice that is kind only! By doing so I hope to uplift and encourage myself and those around me. 7 DAYS SUCCESSFUL! 

SF (Skinny Fat) Working Habit: 5k training in accordance to Couch to 5k, with minimum 30 min walk on alternate days. 4 DAYS SUCCESSFUL!! …yesterday took the little furbaby for a walk, not exactly hard training but it's still moving. 


  1. Wow, that post really made me think! I actually did something for the first time 2 weeks ago. I saved a turtle on the highway. It made my soul shine and was very exciting.

    Dangerous yes but I saved the day!

    Running a 5k is no problem. I have done a couple. You will do fine.

    I REALLY want to run a 1/2 marathon but I need to really focus and start running more bc you have to be in such good shape to run for over an hour.


    1. 1/2 marathon, my brain can't even compute how long that is.

      I have a soft spot for turtles, the ole sorority mascot and all. So you have just earned some major brownies points!! I can only imagine the great karma that you will have coming back to you.

      Thanks for the comment, it's always wonderful to hear from you!


  2. A friend of mine gave me this sign for my wall! It actually says "When is the last time you did something for the first time?" It is a constant reminder to get OUT of my box and to live more freely! Love that you posted this!

    1. I was considering attempting something artsy with this saying for my office. Sad to say though my artistic skills peaked in the 3rd grade. So it may end up looking like paint splatter and sharpie words. lol. No matter what, it's a great mantra to carry with you.