Thursday, May 23, 2013

To My Little Man...

There is something strange that happens and you don’t even realize it. There is a moment that defines you day after day…. second after second. It’s the moment where you fully understand that you had no idea what love was until you looked in the eyes of your baby. In that moment in those eyes, life begins… for both of you.

6 years ago today I welcomed into this world this little creature who was a total mystery to me. I watched as this perfect little guy with saucer eyes looked up at me like, “Alright lady, now what?” He smelled like home, which I know sounds bizarre, but through my post pregnancy nose that’s the best way I had to describe it.  I thought I’d love before; the truth is, until he came into my world… I hadn’t the slightest clue.

Now I look at him and he has my eyes and my dopey ears and I can’t remember a single day before him. He’s sunshine, breathing a breath of fresh air into the lives of all he touches. The things he says, these one liners, he’s wise beyond his now 6 years of life. His heart is full of compassion and determination that inspires me. In his world there is no such thing as giving up and if you need understanding he’ll sit by you and simply be. He’s a fireworks show of energy, but in his stillness he shows understanding that I’m not sure I even poses. The kid’s magic wrapped up in a Star Wars loving blonde package.

I’m a lucky woman. I’ve been through bumps in the road, like everyone, and have made it through a stronger person. For every hardship, I’ve had more abundant joy. I’ve been blessed and lucked out more times than I can count. The greatest blessing, the purest and most amazing gift is the little man I get to call my Son. With him, each day, even if he doesn’t know it yet… he houses my heart. The kids home.

Happy Birthday G Man, from your birth, I learned what it means to live. 

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