Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fat Skinny, it happened to me.

I'm just an average Joe.. but a lady so.... Jolene. I remember when I thought 30 was old... and now I'm staring the big 30 in the face. Tick Tock Tick Tock. The countdown has begun.

I woke up one morning, I believe it was a Tuesday (perhaps yesterday), and thought... "When did my butt start looking like that? Wait is that.... OMG CELLULITE... FUDGE.... wait NO, No fudge that's how I got in this predicament!! Are my thighs really THAT big...." It was an ugly ugly morning. I couldn't avoid the truth, I have allowed myself to Taco Bell my way into a body that looks nothing like it should. Should being in regards to how I want to look as a gal knocking on 30's door.

Apparently 30 equals not being able to eat like I'm 21, WEIRD, who would have thought?

It had in fact happened to me, I am what you would call... Fat Skinny. Sure with clothes on and my uncanny ability to dress for my body type I look "skinny". However when I disrobe or try on the swim suit that I swear fit last summer, I look a hot mess, epic self fail. Skinny Fat = Flabby and out of shape. No bueno.

After an epic temper-tantrum where I considered drowning my sorrows in a big glass of milk and a package of Oreo's (They are negative calories if you dip them in milk right, because all the crumbs take the calories and float to the bottom of the glass? No...? Drat!) I decided it's time to do something about this. Flabby can turn into Fabulous... I think... I'm pretty sure. I don't want to eat Oreo's, I don't want to eat Oreo's

I am not a runner, I'm asthmatic and I think the last time I set foot inside of a gym was over a year ago. I'm not exactly sure what my goals are... other that to run a 5k, but more on that at a later date. This is the start of my story, my adventure, where it takes me... time will tell.

Wish me luck, I'm just hard headed enough I'm going to need it.

Happy thoughts....happy thoughts... darn it, where is the easy button!

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