Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That on time I went on a Paranormal Investigation at a Winery

That on time… 
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I went on a paranormal investigation
 at a winery. 

Wine + Ghostys = My Kind of Night!!

Welcome to Belovir Winery in Liberty Missouri. A few evenings a month they bring in a paranormal investigation team and pair investigating with a wine tasting… how fabulous is that?!

I am a sweet red sort of gal and the Sweet Red is fantastic, apparently someone else thought so too because that someone swiped my bottle. Tsk tsk, not nice sir... not nice at all. I had enjoyed but one delicious glass. I wasn’t a happy camper; keep your paws of my wine bottle before I have to go all stealthy wine ninja on you.  

Note the creepy painting...

We use EMF detectors and other tools to attempt to locate spirits in the cemetery on the grounds. It was pitch black except for a huge full moon overhead. Spooky! There wasn't much activity going on in the cemetery, but I'm an oddball who really enjoys reading old time headstones... so I was pretty stoked anyway. 

AHHHHHH scary ghost, oh wait no, just a creepy member of our group. Oh how boys like to get into the "spirit" of things. Spirit... like ghost... get it? Well I laughed while writing it. 

Walking up to many of the buildings you will see signs like this posted. The floors, walls and ceilings in come building are starting to crumble and it can be tricky navigating through the clutter. I laugh in the face of warning signs... kidding... I was very glad we had experienced professionals guiding us through.

Here is one of the rooms we went through. It was in this building that I had a sharp tug on my hair followed my intense goosebumps. I turned around to swat my manpals hand or gripe at my then roomie about messing with me... but there wasn't anyone behind me. The air was ice cold. It was the strangest sensation, I'm fairly confident that I had a spirit messing with me. When I talked to our guide about it, she said that several women with long hair experienced similar things in the past... glad it wasn't just me. Gulp. 

We went into an underground bunker, I wasn't able to take photos because it was too dark. We sat silent with two motion sensor lights on opposite sides of the room. There was no wind, no bugs or rodents, nothing in the room except for the handful of people sitting together in the center. The motion sensor lights were facing away from us. Nothing happened, a little boring right? Then a guy in our group who is a huge Elvis fan started playing "Blue Christmas", the motion lights came on. The music stopped, so did the lights. Whenever Elvis was played the lights would go nuts, if another artist was played the lights went off. Apparently the bunker had a few Elvis fans from the other side. 

I believe in things that go bump in the night. There have been several instances in my life that I can't explain with science and logic. The human body is composed of so much energy, that energy has to go somewhere. I don't feel that the energy simply ceases to exist. There is a great deal that can't be explained. To simply right off all possibilities as things of fiction is perhaps living in denial.  

The next time you find yourself alone at night, take the time to listen to the things around you. You never know, maybe you aren’t alone with your Real House Wives marathon. 

Take some time in the comments below and tell me, do you believe in ghosts or other things that go bump in the night? 


  1. Hey there Brooke! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I totally understood where you were coming from and I commend you on noticing your attachment to worry and striving to better yourself by taking leaps of faith and living life to the fullest! Congrats on signing up for your first 5k! I remember when I first signed up for my first 5k and it was very nerve racking, but it was a wonderful experience and it's brought me to this point now! :) I wanted to share this link with you because you're a no-reply blogger and so I was unable to respond to your comment through e-mail:

    1. I'm new to the wonderful land of blogging, I need to figure out how to take care of that no-reply blogger thing. That's no bueno, I like replies. Thank you for sharing the link I am checking it out for sure!

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  3. Wow! Sounds like an interesting night. I've watched a few shows that test for ghosts and I'm always interested. Pairing wine with this sort of thing sounds like an awesome night.

    1. Where I am in the Midwest there are a bunch of haunted locations to investigate. I would love to do more investigations, especially if there is wine involved. It was a great time, thank you so much for commenting.