Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Excuseopotamus…

Darn you little miss Excuseopotamus...

The Excuseopotamus is an elusive creature that scurries around our lives without detection. It is wrapped in a disguise of reasons and explanations, but when you strip away the hogwash you’re left with a monster beast of epic proportions. You see this tiny creature is actually a gargantuan, an ogre, a run as fast as you can to escape from it sort of thing. Don’t let the Excuseopotamus confuse you, it’s not your cuddly warm fuzzy friend, it’s an evil foe to be slayed like a fire breathing dragon.   

see there really was rain...

My Excuseopotamus got the best of me this weekend, that sneaky little she-devil. I was going to “run” this weekend, I swear I was, (raises right hand) truly I had every intention of enjoying the country air and “running”. I really really was going to “run”, but…. It rained! EXCUSEOPOTAMUS.  Yes it did rain, a typhoon… no. Could I have “run” at a different time….. Yes. What happened, I Excuseopotamused myself. It’s okay, I’ve figured out how this creature works.

It’s a Tuesday like any other Tuesday except for one tiny fact. Today is the day that I package up my Excuseopotamus and ship it to the Arctic Circle. I send it with a one way ticket, holes punched in the box of course, and a pledge forget what that pesky little thing ever looked like. Today, rain is something to dance in, not something to hide from.

Week 1 Excuseopotamus Free Goals:

Flab to Fab:
Wednesday {5/29}: 5k Training
Thursday {5/30}: 5k Training / Strength Training
Friday {5/31}: 5k Training
Saturday {6/1}: Strength Training
Sunday {6/2}: 5k Training / Strength Training

** Rewarding myself: When I can run an entire mile without stopping to walk, I will invest in a new pair of running shoes. At that point I will retire my 5 year old Nike Shocks.

Operations Relaxation:
Tuesday 5/28 – Sunday 5/29
1. Speak in only positive, supportive happy tones. (Tone is everything!)
2. Smile as often as possible. (Whenever I think of it, smile)
3. Say only positive and happy things.  (No Negative Nancy’s here)

Once I drop the Excuseopotamus in the mail I will be in route to the baseball game. Nothing like baseball, hotdogs, beer and family to kick of my week.  Today’s the day, live life to the fullest. Carry with you a smile and live it in the fun lane. 


  1. Love this! Kick that excuseopotamus to the curb!

    1. For sure, there is no place in life for the excuseopotamus. I am confident that we can all be exactly who we want to be and go where we want to go.... just as long as the excuseopotamus is in Antarctica.