Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mother Nature is Moody

Mother Nature apparently didn't get the memo that I'm training for a 5k, because her "suck it" hateful attitude is really starting to rub my running shoes the wrong way.

Come on Mother Nature,
                                         Help a newbie "runner" out.....

I like rain, heck I love it, but it seems to be the only type of weather we are getting these days. I'm not 100% sure what the sun looks like, but I am confident that when it reappears it will accompany humidity and 100 degree temps because that's how we do it here in the Midwest. If it snowed tomorrow I wouldn't be all that surprised. Where can I move that it's 70 degrees year round?

I have the deepest regrets for not going for my "run" last night (when it wasn't raining), darn you devil TV contraption for sucking me into your world of wonders. I sacrificed a dry "run" so I could watch in wonder as people shot guns at stationary objects. Who would have thought I could become addicted to Top Shot? Weird. NOW I'm behind on my weekly training schedule and HAVE to "run" tonight even if there is a monsoon, typhoon, hail storm or alien spaceship. Yes alien spaceship, remember Independence Day, those aliens didn't play around and I would totally be entranced by the blue beams of light. 

I've never walked in the rain, well farther than my car, so the possibility of "running" in the rain has me a bit intrigued. If I can complete a training session in the rain, I can do anything. It will be mind over matter and maybe lighting, but I'm trying not to think about that. I wish I would have kept my purple and blue geometric shape designed windbreaker from 7th grade, that would be most helpful on a "running" mission like today. Mission... okay we're going to roll with that....

Agent B the Excuseopotamus Slayer,

Your mission if you choose to except it is a wet and wild one. Your goal is to complete Day 1 Week 2 of your 5k training without being washed into a sewer drain or zapped down my lighting. (I type that as thunder physically shakes the windows next to me, ALRIGHT MOTHER NATURE, relax) Failure to complete this mission is not an option, success is the only possible outcome. Note this letter will self-destruct in 3......2.....1..........


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