Wednesday, May 29, 2013

8 ½ Life Lessons I Learned From Baseball

Last night the family unit headed out to some good ole American fun, baseball. Our hometown boys (Royals… don’t judge) took on our I-70 rivals (Cardinals… please say you aren’t a Cards fan or worse a Yankees fan)….I kid I kid…. Sort of, except about the Yankees fan thing.

It looked like this the entire night, which kept us crossing our fingers that we (the Royals) could squeak out a mild loss before the typhoon moved in. I guess I should say that I love our boys in blue, but let’s be honest… our last winning season I think was 2003. So needless to say I may love the team and the sport and the baseball pants, but I’m not so delusional to think we are post season contenders. I’m a hometown girl who supports the hometown boys… it’s a Midwest thing.

At some point during the game, perhaps between the Miller Light and the 6 inning I had a, “Aha” moment. I had a moment that made my inner blogger / writer hop up and down clapping. I love moments where material just V8 pops you on the forehead. I could learn a lot from just engrossing myself in the entire baseball experience. Allow me to share my Baseball Life Lessons 100 notes.

1. These moments with G man are like gold. It doesn’t matter if he forgot to make his bed this morning. His stubborn streak is a part of his personality, that he probably gets from me.. okay for sure gets from me, and it simply makes him who he is. All of those petty little hiccups don’t matter, it’s memories like this that are important. The joy in his eyes over a blue icy, that’s what I will carry with me as he grows up and isn’t as in love with the little things as he is now. Take the time to really enjoy all the moments with the people in your life. Life is way too short to speed through it.

2. Laugh, laugh a lot and at everything you can. Our group ended up playfully bantering with the group in front of us. We all had a blast. Number 2 sort of ties into Number 1. Have fun, whatever it is you are doing, have a freaking blast. If you’re walking the furbaby, making Raman noodles, going for a run… whatever you are doing… make it the most amazing time possible. Why waste a single moment being all serious face if you can live it up and have a rock star time?

3. Thank you whoever invented baseball pants, HELLO. I love the sport no matter what, but baseball pants with baseball butts takes it all up a notch. Oh Alex Gordon you sexy man hunk you.

4. Love the one your with, with all the love you have to give plus some. Don’t nag them, change them, poke and prod them… simply love them for who they are. That may mean loving the farting just as much as you love the dinner cooking. You can’t pick and choose what you love about someone, because they are a total package… not options on a man meat buffet line.

5. Beer is tasty. Beer is tastier at a ball game with peanuts.

6. People still sport styles from 1982… maybe. I’m not even sure what time frame this “style” belongs to, unless you are an Avitar and live on Pandora (my inner geek is getting the best of me).

7. Don’t worry about a little rain. I took about 10 pictures of the rain pouring down in the 8th inning, but with my Android camera you can’t tell so much. That rain I referred to, dance in it and dance in it a lot. In life we’re going to get some rain, probably a lot of rain. Rain happens. It’s what you choose to do with that rain that matters. So make the choice, are you going to shake your groove thing or be a bullfrog in a downpour? Your choice.

7.5 Have I mentioned baseball pants?

8 Live a healthy life. Feed your body well, hydrate and get exercise. Be fit… but sometimes go ahead and eat that hotdog. A slice of cheese cake here and there won’t make your thighs balloon up. A drink with friends won’t make your jeans too tight. Moderation is key here folks. Like I said eat a slice of delicious heavenly blueberry cheese cake… just don’t eat the entire cheesecake. Enjoy a ballpark hot dog, just not 5 ballpark hotdogs.

Have you found life wisdom in random places? Share in the comments.  


  1. I loved all of this, but especially "Beer is tasty!" :)


  2. It's a true story, beer is in fact tasty. It has to be true because you read it RIGHT HERE on the interwebs. I saw a Miller commercial last night where they took the melody to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and talked about how the beer only had 60 some odd calories. My thought.... well done marketing team, well done indeed, because I am in fact going to go buy your product.