Tuesday, May 21, 2013

C is for Cat, A is for Asthma

It is official, hell may in fact be freezing over and the devil is becoming an Eskimo, because I actually went for my first “run” last night. That’s right; I actually followed through with something I said I was going to do. Hollar!

To be fair I tried really hard to talk myself out of going for said “run”. First I played catch with the always enjoyable boy toy and thought, “throwing a baseball around is pretty close to the same thing as “running” right? Right?”  Then I sat and waited for the storm we were supposed to get to move in, well, the sunny sky and not a cloud insight made me realize that excuse wasn’t happening. Then I focused my attention on the humidity, how could I ever “run” in such humid conditions? I am after all a highly delicate asthmatic flower….. yeah…. Not so much.

So a little before dusk I ran out of excuses that I could even somewhat believe and trudge my way to change. The bf’s daughter T (7 yo) was getting ready for bed and BEGGED to come along on my “run”. I couldn’t think of a reason to tell her no, plus I think it’s a good thing that at least ONE of us WANTED to do this thing, so she joined. Training for a 5k, what better reason to be an hour late for bed time? Yeah I couldn’t think of one besides watching a movie, Googling weird words in urban dictionary or… well I digress.

Here we are on our first “run”!!!!

7 kicks 29’s butt every single time. The intervals (8 at 60 seconds each) weren’t as difficult as I had feared. As in, I wasn’t doubled over on the side of the street sucking inhaler fumes. With that being said my “run” was more of a jog, which was more of a really brisk walk for most people. My phone was near death so I wasn’t able to turn on my cardio tracker to see exactly how far we went.

Here is how most of our convo’s went….

“T, do you feel like you are breathing harder?”……… “Um, no.”
“T, do you have a really annoying stabbing in your side?”……. “No.”
“T, are you getting tired yet?”…………………….. “No.”
“My friend at school she…um…. She has a cat and it’s nice.”…….pant pant pant “Neat.”

Dear 29, freaking really? I can’t even talk about a cat using more than one word while “running”. I know it will get easier, it wasn’t exactly the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I doubt at this point I could push longer than 60 seconds of jogging at a time. I can’t wait ‘til I can jog for a full 5 min without thinking about kicking bunnies or a diet Coke. I even look forward to writing a post without feeling like I have to put “” around “run” every time.

For those who are a “prove it” sort, here is my Day 1 documentation. If you need a signed affidavit from the BF or neighbors or the guy I “ran” past…. I can probably make that happen.

 Habits / Goals

Current in progress goals and habits.


THP (The Happypaloose Project) Working Habit: Speak in a voice that is kind only! By doing so I hope to uplift and encourage myself and those around me. 4 DAYS SUCCESSFUL!

SF (Skinny Fat) Working Habit: 5k training in accordance to Couch to 5k, with minimum 30 min walk on alternate days. 1 DAY SUCCESSFUL!! (oh yeah, uh huh, woot woot)

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