Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ain't Nothin' but a Bullfrog Thing Baby...

I was going to cheat… yes me and my Smiling Running Shoes were going to skip out. We were going to head for the hills  couch, turn on Netflix and drown my evenings stress in big girl shows  Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill…. I hadn’t decided. I was without guilt determined to be a big ole lazy bullfrog. Yup, you read that right, I was going to be a bullfrog. Ribbit!

What is a bullfrog? Please direct your attention to exhibit A.

Exhibit A 

Defined as a feeling down and out person who would rather be a bump on a log (erp or couch), ribbit (poor me, sad day, ribbit ribbit) and watch lily pads pass them by. Or in other words someone who forgot to put on their big girl panties and let a tiny little trivial event make them feel all dramatically placed in a bad 1990s teen movie. Bullfrog. Fact.

I’m a bullfrog and I know it…unt unt unt… I’m a bullfrog and I know it!

It’s silly how we allow little things to make us feel all, pucker up sad face. I will admit, yes I was a bullfrog. Sigh. I tried to bake my way out of my bummed out place, but alas, even cookies didn’t feel like cooperating. (They deflated, how does that even happen??) A stared at a Diet Coke for a good 5 min, but that had even lost its appeal. You know when that happens, stuff just got real!

With a pitiful poor me grumble I headed for the door, decided I should at least put on shoes, and ventured out for some “running” (maybe I wasn’t going to skip out on day 2 after all). …….

WARNING… Disclaimer.. uh uh pay attention to ME!!!... I highly really majorly do not recommend eating your weight in tortilla chips (evil creatures), downing a gallon of salsa (my life blood) and polishing off a fish bowl size margarita (they call this a medium… bahaha)…. AND THEN….. do 5k training in the same night. If you do follow through with aforementioned awful terrible really bad idea, I am in no way responsible for the outcome. Make the note y’all, you’ve been warned. This concludes the public service announcement portion of this blog. Thank you for your attention, I will now return you to your regularly scheduled shenanigans.  

And “running” I did. Cramping, grabbing my side, and puffing. At least it was dark so the neighbors couldn’t see me trip over a curb, get smacked in the face with an over grown shrub AND clip the side of a stop sign that I was trying to “run” around. Depth perception fail! Hindsight, I think the “running” smack down was due to my Negative Nancy attitude; I totally brought that shrub bitch slap on myself. It serves me right for being such a lame ole bullfrog.

 Above was my view while running, I am a bit of chicken little who wouldn’t normally run at 9:15 pm in the dark, but I’m literally a stones throw from half of our cities massive police force. Nearly every house on our block is owned by a police office, I figured I was pretty safe because a criminal would be an idiot to break into a house on Cop Row. Plus if someone tried to mug me, I was just bullfrog enough to whine them into submission. “BUT I WANNA TALK ABOUT MY FEELINGS”… pout pout.. Yeah I was the safest I’ve ever been.

Looking back I’m a weebit amused that I allowed a tiny thing to grump up a couple hours of my night. However in true B the Attempted Optimist fashion I’m going to take this as a learning opportunity.

Advice: Don’t be a bullfrog! They aren't pretty and it's a waste of a perfectly good moment, hour or nanosecond.

Habits / Goals
Current in progress goals and habits.


NEW NEW NEW: THP (The Happypaloose Project) Working Habit: Don’t allow the little things to ding the ole feelings. Laughing and smiling burns way more calories that alternative. First Day

THP (The Happypaloose Project) Working Habit: Speak in a voice that is kind only! By doing so I hope to uplift and encourage myself and those around me. 5 DAYS SUCCESSFUL!

SF (Skinny Fat) Working Habit: 5k training in accordance to Couch to 5k, with minimum 30 min walk on alternate days. 2 DAY SUCCESSFUL!! …That’s right another day under the ole awesomesauce belt of Couch to 5k training. (I’m bad I know it, wooooo)

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  1. Oh honey! You had a tough day! Get some rest tonight & hopefully tomorrow is better!